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Over the past thirty years what ever we got it was through Congress Govts. Other Govts just flattered to deceive. We have no doubts that the OROP our one single most important problem of the ex-serviceman will eventually be solved by the Congress Govt sooner than later.

This problem was conceptualized and raised first time ever, by us way back on 17 Feb 1982 from Qila Maidan at Charkhi Dadri. Besides Indiraji promising us on 25 Jun 1983, Sh Rajivji also promised us on 13 May 1987 on the basis of which Lt Col Inderjit Singh our Chairman gave up his fast on the seventeenth day. Successive Govts have also been promising but failed to keep their word.

Now the time is ripe with our meeting with Sh A K Antony on 19 Nov 2011 and Sh M M Pallam Raju the RRM on 15 December 2011, when we reminded the RM his own promise of 21 Feb 2009. Now a little push is necessary through you to see it through. We therefore seek your support to take up the matter with Smt Soniaji to settle this matter once for all.

The entire community of Veterans not only of Haryana but also the Nation will ever remain grateful not only to you but also Soniaji.


The Veteran suffer because we have no regular and institutionalized means of communications with the leadership. Our problems can only be solved if proper instruments are set up. The following are necessary:-

   •   Standing Committee of Voluntary Associations of the MOD on the same lines that we have in the         Ministry of Pensions.

   •    Representation of Armed Forces at all levels of decision making in the Ministry of Defence

   •    Ex-serviceman Commission with full powers.


The ECHS is a Scheme for providing medical facilities to the veterans. It is a basically flawed scheme which can not meet the aspirations of Veterans. It should therefore be stopped and our scheme of medical insurance through medicare policy of the GIC to be brought into operations immediately to end the sufferings of the Veterans.

Further all non pensioners who have been declared as ex servicemen by the Govt should be covered by this scheme.

Note: All the points submitted have been accepted by the Hon'ble Chief Minister