Place for Advirtisement


    Place For Advirtisement

⇒  In 1981 some ex-servicemen got together and discussed the pathetic plight in which their brethren especially of lower ranks lived. They then decided to form the Association on 21 Nov. 1981 to ensure for ex-servicemen their RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THE SOCIETY.

⇒  They set themselves three main aims that included helping them in their day to day problems, ensuring that whatever is their entitlement gets to them and finally if there was something more required, to take it up with the Government and ensure its acceptance.

⇒  On 17 Feb 1982 we held the first big Rally at Charkhi Dadri and passed three resolutions. One that our five basic problems be solved by the Govt without any delay. The problems being One Rank One Pension, assured employment upto the age of superannuation, proper pension for pre 64 widows, restoration of commuted value of pension and vacation of lands and houses at the time of retirement if occupied.


Our programmes and achievements make a long list. We briefly give below some of the important ones:-

⇒  22 Feb 1982 – Gate crashing the PMs House, Sh Rajiv Gandhi addressed us and took our representation.

⇒  20 Oct 1982 – Massive Rally at Boat Club. Cancelled by Govt due to ASIAD.

⇒  15 Aug. 1983 – Medal return to President of India. The programme resulted in Govt announcing a High Level Committee. This Committee gave 68 good recommendations which were not implemented.

⇒  25 Feb 1987 – A massive Rally at Boat Club with 6 members including Chairman Lt Col Inderjit Singh went on indefinite fast which lasted 17 days and was given up on PM's intervention. During this fast, commuted pension was restored. Pre 64 widow's pension was granted and minimum pension fixed at Rs. 375/-. Two of ours five basic probem were solved. For remaining problems a series of meetings were fixed for dicscussion with defence minister.

⇒  26 Sep 1990 – Forced the Govt for appointing High Level Empowered Committee for improving pensions. Our Chairman Lt Col Inderjit Singh and Lt Col R D Nikam were made members. This resulted in One Time Increase in pensions which was as good as ONE RANK ONE PENSION.

⇒  30 Sep 1994 – A comprehensive representation made to Fifth Central Pay Commission. After over 3 years of struggle not only got the OROP concept accepted, but also all our important recommendations on family pension, disability pensions and DA to re-employed ex-servicemen.

⇒  22 Aug 1997 – A massive agitation launched for acceptance of OROP by the Govt. This lasted for 107 days and was called off only after Lok Sabha was dissolved. Achieved the aim when on 3 Nov 1997 Defence Secretary met us and accepted our submissions. we were unfrtunate as the Govt fell befoe implementing it.

After this a series of actions have been taken to have the recommendation of Pay Commission accepted by Government. The achievements are slow to come by but we are surely advancing towards our goal. During our meeting with Raksha Mantri on 21 Oct 1999, he very kindly told us that our proposals of OROP through OTI formula and removal of 33 years conditionality for grant of 50% of last pay drawn as pension is now with the Cabinet.

Our efforts to get the matters moving failed. We then sent an appeal for intervention to all the Members of Parliament. We got good response. We got a meeting with the Prime Minister on 26 Jul 2001. He very kindly accepted three of our seven points given to him and for the remaining four he appointed a Committee headed by the Defence Minister which was to give its report in three months. This Committee never met, but in Aug 2002 we got a reply from the Defence Minister which rejected all our projections to the Prime Minister. We have made a reply to that letter and handed the same over to the Defence Minister the Chairman of Defence Parliamentary Committee, the three Chiefs/ Army Comdrs of three services seeking their intervention.

The Chairman toured extensively in Rajasthan, Haryana during this period to increase the strength of the Association, so that in case the matters do not move by other means we put up a large do-or-die show in Delhi in Feb 2003.


       Defence Parliamentary Cmmittee

Our struggle goes on. Our successes will depend on our sacrifices for which we must get ready soon. When we felt the Govt was not relenting we launched an agitational programme on 22 Feb 2003. We brought a massive rally to Delhi. The ex-servicemen assembled at Rajghat on 27 Feb 2003. From there it marched to Ramlila ground, where Sh Madan Lal Khurans, Chairman of the Defence Standing Committee of the Parliament addressed us. After listening to us he invited the Chairman to present his problems to the Committee on 28 Apr. 2003. The Chairman presented all out problems to the Committee. After hearing him all Members of Parliament promised to go all out to help us. Their strongly worded report based on our projections was sent to the Govt.

       Chiefs of Staff Committee

Having made the presentation to the Defence committee we were invited by the Chiefs of Staff Committee on 25 Nov 2003. The Chairman Lt Col Inderjit Singh accpomanied by Sub Daya Nand, Secretary General, Capt U R Nikam, President Maharashtra unit went and made the presentation on 25 Nov 2003. The Chairman made a forceful and logical presentation which resulted in the Chiefs promise for doing their best to help us solve our problems.

No other organization has ever been given this honour of making such presentations. We can be proud of this singular honour given to our Association.


       Meeting with Defence Minister

The Hon’ble Defence Minister Sh Pranab Mukherjee invited Lt Col Inderjit Singh for discussions on 8 Nov 2004. The Chairman, Capt Samay Singh, Brig Bhagwan Singh and Capt U R Nikam went and met him and gave him some information about our Association. He also apprised him of our problems that needs his immediate attention. After we finished our presentation he was kind to tell us that he would give us more time for presentation soon.

       Defence Parliamentary Committee

With new Govt taking over the new Defence Committee took charge with Mr S K Balaji Vithal Patil as Chairman. He wanted Col Inderjit Singh to discuss the ATR. Based on discussion he strongly recommended that OROP be given.

       Group of Minister (GoM)

The Govt appointed a GoM headed by Sh Pranab Mukherjee. This GoM gave us full parity with Fifth CPC rules on 25 Jan. 2006. Thus setting precedence for all CPCs to give full parity with CPC Rates for the Armed Forces while the civilians remained at modified parity.

       Presentation to the Sixth CPC

On 26 Apr 2006 made a presentation to the Sixth CPC, We were amazed to see that the Sixth CPC had deliberately ignored the fact of the Armed Forces getting full parity with Fifth CPC Rates. We corrected them about this as well as many more points. Despite that they failed to do justice to the Armed Forces. They not only did not give OROP but also lowered the status of Armed Forces. We immediately took up matters with the leadership. Combined efforts of many Organizations resulted in the matter of OROP landing up with the Petitions Committee of the Parliament. This Committee invited us on 16 May 2011 to the Parliament for making a presentation, which we did.

This Committee has now given a very strong report to the Parliament in favour of giving OROP to the Armed Forces without delay. We hope this matter will be finally resolved.


We have been trying to work out means that would help us resettle the ex-servicemen and their families. To achieve that objective we registered a Multi State Cooperative Society for ex servicemen under Multi State Cooperative Act 2002 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India.


As at present it covers only the State of Haryana and Maharastra. It has provision to extend to other States also of the entire country. As we go along and enlist at least 50 members from any state we would cover that too.

We are working out some projects. We will soon be setting them up.


Col RD Nikam founded the Maharashtra Maji Sainik & Pensioner’s Sanghatana in 1978. They came in contact with us in 1985, and since then our Association grew by leaps & bounds. They have not only participated in all programmes held in Delhi, but always contributed generously.

In 1987 they all took part in the fast at the Boat Club with a 50 strong delegation from Maharashtra.

In Sep 1991 the Govt setup the High Level Empowered Committee, Col RD Nikam was also made a member of that Committee. In 1991 Col RD Nikam was made a member of Legislative Council of Maharashtra in recognition of his services for the Veterans.

In 1997 when we Organized an agitational program at the Red Fort, they again participated with a strong delegation for all the 107 days that the program lasted. Col RD Nikam and other memebrs also took part in the indefinite fast.

Ex-servicemen Cooperative Bank. The Maharashtra Maji Sainik & Pensioner’s Sangathana setup the first Cooperative Bank of the ex-servicemen in the world named as Sainik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Today the bank has been renamed as Col RD Nikam Sainik Sahakari Bank Ltd in recognition and memory of Col RD Nikam for the tireless efforts put in by him to setup the bank. Today the Bank has 17 branches in Maharashtra. The bank has been continuously getting Grade I grading from the Reserve Bank of India.

Women’s Self Help Group. A new chapter has been set up of more than 160 women self help groups to improve the quality of life of the Veterans families by laying stress on health, hygiene, nutrition, education of children & employment opportunities. Thus improving the family, and the village and indirectly helping the Nation at large.


We registered a War Memorial Trust by the name of National War Memorial Trust (AIEWA) on 26 Juy 2001. The purpose was to look after the neglected war memorials all over the country. Besides, while bringing about awareness in general public about their duties towards soldiers organize activities for the improvement of the lot of soldiers and their families. We are going to make headway soon by coming out with a workable project.

We are trying to get a piece of land from Haryana Govt at Pataodi around Pataodi War Memorial. Once this land is handed over then we propose to set up some facilities for the Veterans there..

The facilities that we intend to seset up are -Rest House, Canteen and ECHS. This will not only ease the problem of vast majority of veterans but also help in taking care of the existing War Memorial.

We are working on some proposals now that will really transform the life of the veterans of the area wherever we set these up.


Our task is beset with enormous difficulties. It has become even more difficult with the actions of some misguided elements. Nevertheless our struggle goes on with full confidence that we would succeed ultimately. We are sure that the benign leadership that we always had would see to it that these are solved expeditiously.

In our struggle Sh KP Singhdeo all through and Sh Pratap Singh Bajwa MP and Rajeev Chandrasekhar MP recently have been giving all kinds of assistance in seeing that our problems are solved in very effective manner.

We are also trying to enlist the support of the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Defence of the Parliament for achieving our goals.