Place for Advirtisement



There is an acute shortage of Secretaries of ZSBS. This is seriously affecting the welfare work in the Districts. Men are running from pillar to post. This is because of inadequate and discriminatory rules of recruitment of these officers which need a total overhaul.

The terms and conditions should be reviewed. The following are the reasons for right officers not coming:-

  •   Induction term of 50 years age is the major reason. This has been brought in to deny them           second pension

  •   Induction as Class I officers, but denied their pay and allowances and status.The only vehicle      allotted to them for welfare work is being requisitioned for all duties except welfare of ex           servicemen. He hasn't even the authority to say no.

  •   They have no incentive to work. The rules should be such that they have promotional avenues.         After entry as ClassI officers they should be given chance to be promoted to PCS and then to IAS           levels We got it introduced over 20 years back. This has quietly been put away.>

The terms and cconditions of the WOs also need to be reviewed. The JCOs are Class 2 officers of the Central Govt. They are being treated as Class 3 officers, which is if nothing else degrading.


The Govt of Haryana especially under the benign leadership of Sh Bhupinder Singh Hooda Saheb has given a number of welfare grants to the Veterans, their families and children. These grants once given take a long time for revision. These should be reviewed and basic rate fixed. After that, automatic mechanism for revision should be put in place. Grant of DA should adequately serve the purpose.


Sainik Rest Houses

Over thirty years ago when the present lot of Sainik Rest Houses were built, these were a pride of Haryana. Now these are in such a dilapidated state that they can collapse at any time and may be kill many innocent people. The matter should be reviewed in totality and appropriate measures taken for the following:-

  •  Review the state of these rest house and then decide whether maintenance or reconstruction is        necessary.

  •   Place adequate maintenance funds at the disposal of the secretary.

  •   Upgrade the facilities to meet the present day aspirations of all including Jawans.


As at present we have three facilities such as rest houses, medical aid through ECHS and Canteens available to veteran in each District These are however spread all over the District causing a lot of difficulty to old and infirm veterans.. These should all be moved to one place. Adequate space should be made available for this purpose.


We got the Govt to give Defense Colonies for settling the veterans over 29 years back. these were set up i n many Districts. This idea was quietly dropped and the Govt started reserving some percentages of plots in HUDA Sectors for reasons best known to the Govt. The idea of setting up Defense colonies in each District should be revived.

Further the status of officers should be corrected for allotment of plots of various sizes. Presently officers up to the rank of Lt Col can not bid for HUDA plots of sizes 500 sy or more. They can only bid for a plot of the size of 350 sy which is the entitlement of a tehsildar. To say the least it is insulting and needs to be corrected immediately.

A colony near Nai Anaj Mandi at Charkhi Dadri by the name of Swami colony has come up. This is under the take over plan of the Govt for Sectors 9 . 10 and 10 Commercial Sector of HUDA. It has a lot of veterans settled there. Any take over of this colony would mean unbearable losses besides unsettling these veterans. We request that necessary action be taken by which this can be avoided.


Veterans should be exempted from paying toll taxes in Haryana.


We have been seeking Meter Reading contracts for our Society by the name of Sarva Bharat Ex-servicemen Co-op Society Ltd (AIEWA) for quite some time now. We requested for the DAKSHIN ZONE. You were kind to agree to give it to us in Dec 2010. Till now the orders have not been carried out while the files are moving up and down. We request that this matter be expedited so that we can contribute our might in bringing about drastic changes for the better in this job.

In any case the Societies have priority over individuals as per the Govt policies. Once this is done more ex servicemen will be benefiting rather than individuals who are using their gains for evil purposes.


We have a piece of land around Pataodi War Memorial in District Gurgaon. We had sought this land for our National War Memorial Trust so that we can set up some facilities like Medical, Canteen and rest house for the benefit of the Veterans over five years ago. Despite your instructions it has yet not been delivered. The present administration is trying to work it out. We appeal to you to have the matter expedited. We would be grateful.