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Meeting with the Defence Ministe

The Hon’ble Defence Minister Sh Pranab Mukherjee invited Lt Col Inderjit Singh for discussions on 8 Nov 2004. The Chairman, Capt Samay Singh, Brig Bhagwan Singh and Capt U R Nikam went and met him and gave him some information of about our Association. He also apprised him of our problems that needs his immediate attention. After we finished our presentation he was kind to tell us that he would give us more time for presentation soon.

Defence Parliamentary Committee

With new Govt taking over the new Defence Committee took charge with Mr S K Balaji Vithal Patil as Chairman. He wanted Col Inderjit Singh to discuss the ATR. Based on discussion he strongly recommended that OROP be given.

Group of Minister (GoM)

The Govt appointed a GoM headed by Sh Pranab Mukherjee. This GoM gave us full parity with Fifth CPC rules on 25 Jan. 2006. This setting precedence for all CPCx to give full parity with CPC Rates for the Armed Forces while the civilians remained at modified parity.

Presentation to the sixth CPC

On 26 Apr 2006 made a presentation to the Sixth CPC, We were amazed to see that the Sixth had deliberately ignored the fact of the Armed Forces getting full parity with Fifth CPC Rates. We corrected them about this as well as many more points. Despite that they failed to do justice to the Armed Forces. They not only did not give OROP but also lowered the status of Armed Forces. We immediately took up matters with the leadership. Combined efforts of many Organizations reultd in the matterof OROP landn up with the Petitions Committee of the Parliament. This Committee invited us on 16 May 2011 to the Parliament for making a presentation, which we did.

This Committee has now given a very strong report to the Parliament in favor of iving OROP to the Armed Forces without delay. We hope this matter will befinally resolved.

Multistate Cooperative Society

We have been trying to work out means that would help us resettle the ex-servicemen and their families. To achieve that objective we registered a Multi State Cooperative Society for ex servicemen under Multi State Cooperative Act 2002 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India.

As at present it covers only the State of Haryana and Maharastra. It has provision to extend to other States also of the entire country. As we go along and enlist at least 50 members from any state we would cover that too. We are working out some projects. We will soon be setting them up.