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Col RD Nikam founded the Maharashtra Maji Sainik & Pensioner’s Sanghatana in 1978. They came in contact with us in 1985, and since then our Association grew by leaps & bounds. They have not only participated in all programmes held in Delhi, but always contributed generously.

In 1987 they all took part in the fast at the Boat Club with a 50 strong delegation from Maharashtra.

In Sep 1991 the Govt setup the High Level Empowered Committee, Col RD Nikam was also made a member of that Committee. In 1991 Col RD Nikam was made a member of Legislative Council of Maharashtra in recognition of his services for the Veterans.

The terms and cconditions of the WOs also need to be reviewed. The JCOS are Class 2 officers of the Central Govt. They are being treated as Class 3 officers, which is if nothing else degrading.

In 1997 when we Organized an agitations program at the Red Fort, they again participated with a strong delegation for all the 107 days that the program lasted. Col RD Nikam and other memebrs also took part in the indefinite fast.

Ex-servicemen Cooperative Bank

The Maharashtra Maji Sainik & Pensioner’s Sangathana setup the first Cooperative Bank of the ex-servicemen in the world named as Sainik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Today the bank has been renamed as Col RD Nikam Sainik Sahakari Bank Ltd in recognition and memory of Col RD Nikam for the tireless efforts put in by him to setup the bank. Today the Bank has 17 branches in Maharashtra. The bank has been continuously getting Grade I grading from the Reserve Bank of India.

Woman’s Self Help Group

A new chapter has been set up of more than 160 women self help groups to improve the quality of life of the Veterans families by laying stress on health, hygiene, nutrition, education of children & employment opportunities. Thus improving the family, and the village and indirectly helping the Nation at larg